Philippine Vidart is a French artist known for her grotesque anamorphic depictions of humans and animals, whose level of emotional directness charms the viewer in unexpected ways. Under the alias 'finu,' she seeks to recreate the universe found on the outskirts of her consciousness - a world populated by shadowy figures and unusual faces, that can either be found in a state of deep meditation or flabbergasted by the situation they seem to have put themselves in. Defying the laws of nature by playing with form and proportion, these characters also echo the works of artists such as Egon Schiele or Picasso, as their art has had a strong influence on her vision and style. With a background in scientific illustration and figure drawing, finu redefines reality using traditional sketching techniques and figural distortion in place of conventional notions of beauty in order to bring her creations to life.

She now resides in Hong Kong where she works as a freelance artist and designer.

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